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Bidwell Hollow entertains books lovers with fun, accessible content. On this site, you can relax and revel in your love of books.

Nicholas Barron is the creator and, currently, sole writer of Bidwell Hollow.

So another book blog?

Nope. Many terrific websites connect us to the literary world.

A stack of books in front of a laptop computer.

But Bidwell Hollow is based on the idea that you can have fun reading about books and the people who write them without holding a Master of Fine Arts degree or having studied literature in college.

That’s why every article on this site is written to be understood by book lovers of all backgrounds. Whether or not you can name a Romantic poet or quote Sylvia Plath, you should be able to enjoy Bidwell Hollow.

After all, books are fun. Reading about them should be, too.

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Comments and discussion are encouraged at Bidwell Hollow. And you get brownie points for wit or humor. After all, book lover, if you’re here you’re probably pretty creative. But abusive, offensive, and obscene posts can’t happen.

To lay the ground rules, these types of comments are not allowed and will be removed:

Do not personally attack others, including commenters, interview subjects, and article writers. It’s OK to make a point, but it’s not OK to attack someone personally. Not OK comment example: “You’re an awful writer.” OK comment example: “I thought the start of this author’s last book was a little slow.”

Do not comment on someone’s physical appearance, including commenters, interview subjects, and article writers. This website is a positive space. Please refrain from commenting on someone’s appearance.

Do not make offensive comments. This website is for ALL book lovers, no matter your race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, pregnancy, physical, mental or other disability, medical condition, ancestry, marital status, age, sexual orientation, citizenship, or status as a veteran. You can be funny without being offensive. And, if not, there are plenty of other places on the Internet where your taste of humor will be tolerated.

Please don’t troll. Please avoid blatantly promoting your own books, website, etc.

If you see a comment you think should be removed, please email nick at bidwellhollow dot com.

Thank you for helping keep Bidwell Hollow a safe space for book lovers!

Where is Bidwell Hollow?

Bidwell Hollow is a rugged valley in the eastern fingers of Missouri’s Ozarks. Located in Ste. Genevieve County, the hollow is near the small farm where Nick grew up. Bidwell Holler, as it’s known to locals, is part of Mark Twain National Forest.

About Nicholas Barron

Bidwell Hollow founder Nicholas Barron

Nicholas Barron loves reading and storytelling. And he enjoys connecting with other writers.

But having grown up on a small Missouri farm, Nick wasn’t exposed to literary circles until he was an adult. And when he discovered the literati, he realized how intimidating that world can be.

It’s this perspective that Nick brings to Bidwell Hollow. He thinks there’s a place in the world for a website that focuses on books without pretention.

Along with reading and writing, Nick enjoys exercising, being outdoors, and learning about pretty much anything. He lives with his husband in Washington, DC.

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  • I just read your muskrat poem. Not only do I love it, I’ve had an opportunity to use the comeback.

    I live in Ecuador. The main delicacy of the area is cuy. Someone from the States asked if I’d eaten it. As with the women in the poem, this woman asked what it tasted like. Actually, she asked if it tasted like chicken. “No,” said I, “it tasted a lot more like squirrel.” It really was great fun, especially since it’s true.

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your work.


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