About Bidwell Hollow

Bidwell Hollow is about inspiring creativity in others by sharing stories of artistry and imagination. Each day at Bidwell Hollow a blog post and podcast episode are published about writers’ and poets’ birthdays and other notable moments in literary history. You can get more Bidwell Hollow on Facebook and Twitter.

Bidwell Hollow started in 2017 by Nicholas E. Barron, who wanted a replacement for the discontinued Writer’s Almanac. The first blog post for BidwellHollow.com published Jan. 1, 2018. The podcast began on Jan. 13, 2018.

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Where is Bidwell Hollow

A photo of Missouri's Bidwell Hollow showing blue sky above hills covered with green trees.
Bidwell Hollow, Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri

Bidwell Hollow is a rugged valley in the eastern fingers of Missouri’s Ozarks. Located in Ste. Genevieve County, Bidwell Hollow is near the small farm where Nick grew up.

Bidwell Holler, as it’s known to locals, is protected public land that’s part of Mark Twain National Forest. It’s where as a kid Nick helped cut firewood and hiked and hunted with his father. And it’s where today he visits whenever he travels back to the scene of his childhood.

Our mission is to inspire creators. It seems fitting that our name should come from a place that has inspired our creator.

About Nicholas E. Barron

Nicholas Barron is a writer in Washington, DC. He writes stories and poems, and he runs social media for a major financial services company.

Nick grew up on a small farm in Missouri. There he learned what it takes to be a farmer. And what it takes is something Nick realized he didn’t have.Photo of Nicholas E. Barron.

So Nick left home. He worked as a park ranger and newspaper reporter before going to college. He graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 2006.

Bidwell Hollow came from Nick missing The Writer’s Almanac, which ended in late 2017. He waited for someone to start a successor to the Almanac. Then he decided he would create the replacement.

If he had known the work a daily blog and podcast take, Nick might not have started Bidwell Hollow. But he’s glad that he did, especially when others tell him they appreciate Bidwell Hollow.

Along with reading, writing, and producing Bidwell Hollow, Nick likes hiking and traveling. He has a niece and nephew that he adores. And he loves hearing from those who enjoy Bidwell Hollow.

You can reach Nick on Twitter, email, or, if you ever see him in person, feel free to say, “Howdy.”