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Pages of a book shaped into a heart.

Book Lovers Day 2019 is Tomorrow, so Drop Everything

Book Lovers Day 2019 is tomorrow, so you should probably clear your schedule.

Pages of a book folded into a heart shape to celebrate Book Lovers Day 2019.

The origins of Book Lovers Day is unknown. But the Internet seems to agree that it started sometime in the 2000s.

True Book Addict mentions the unofficial holiday in 2012.

Going back even further, Google Trends shows the first searches for Book Lovers Day occurred in July 2004. In the U.S., where the holiday is called National Book Lovers Day, searches for that name started in July 2006.

Whenever it started, one thing is clear about Book Lovers Day: It’s about books.

You’re probably already planning to spend time tomorrow reading. But now you have a reason to read even more.

And if you’re looking for a great place to enjoy your book, these libraries are worth considering.

Below are some things happening around the U.S. to mark Book Lovers Day 2019.

Is there a Book Lovers Day 2019 event taking place in your neck of the woods? Mention it in the comments.

Book Lovers Day 2019 Events

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