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Would you like to submit a poem to Bidwell Hollow? We accept submissions of poems for use on Bidwell Hollow from poets and publishers.

Poets whose work has been featured on Bidwell Hollow include Rachel McKibbens, Michael Longley, and Dara Wier.Photo of an open notebook with writing in it and a pen laying on top.

Use the form below to submit a poem for publishing and reading on Bidwell Hollow. Submissions are free and always welcomed. We regret that we cannot at this time pay for the use of poems on Bidwell Hollow.

We accept previously published poems. But we must be able to secure permission from the poem’s copyright holder in order to highlight the poem on Bidwell Hollow.

There’s no limit to the number of poems you can submit. But you need to submit the form below for each poem you want to submit.

If your poem is selected for use on Bidwell Hollow, we will confirm with you before proceeding. If a previously unpublished poem you submitted is published elsewhere before we use it on Bidwell Hollow, we must secure permission from the poem’s copyright holder before we can use the poem on Bidwell Hollow.

Submitting a poem does not guarantee use of the poem on Bidwell Hollow.

Submit a Poem

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